Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cork flooring

Cork flooring on the Kitchen accented by a lighter color cork for contrast...cork is a good choice, for those with allergies, besides been a soft resilient flooring...and unlike wood..if something drops and dents the cork eventually it will spring back....! and for those who have a media room or stairs...cork flooring it's the best flooring to keep the noises in control...movies and audio sound much better in those rooms furnish with cork walls and floors and while going up or down the stairs you don't hear the sound of crackling wood....easy to install with a lock system planks, just like hardwood, can be install floated or glue down.
Next time you are considering new flooring options take a look at the many possibilities that cork planks offers you with a wide range of color, and patterns.
Let me know of your experience and feedback, and your remodeling ideas with this product, and your before and after pics.