Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weddings with a touch of drama.

                                       Romantic wedding celebrations or Graduation parties.

Today brides are been more creative than in the past years. Nothing is more attracting and holds more interest when choosing to decor a room for a grand event like a wedding, with elements that brings attention to the guest that keeps the party talking, even after the wedding is over. Something to remember is to add drama and yet simplicity. Like this picture reflects simplicity, and yet the floral arrangements are dramatically embossed by lots of tea candles hanging from a tree branch, that you can  find in your backyard and looks amazing at a low cost. Weddings and fashion does not have to follow a rule, creativity is the key for an amazing romantic room, to dazzle your friends, and talking about fashions and decor, I will like to invite you to  look at small boutiques, were you can find  treasures hard to find in the big names stores or designed brands, something truly unique like and 

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